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Website Design & Development
We do small community websites like mom'n'pop sites by the dozen! (use templates and SAVE!) We specialize in Joomla and WordPress websites and can get you up and running quickly. Updating your website takes almost no time at all. If you can use a word processor, you can edit your own website instead of having to hire out each and every little change or update. SAVE MONEY AND BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN SITE!

Today's websites are mostly template and database generated. Servers and search engines are designed to deal with them in fast and efficient manners. The 3 most common design platforms are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal (there are others yet)  Our first choice is Joomla. We find it easy for inexperienced users and we feel it is a bit less attacked than WordPress sites.  But if you know and like WordPress we can make your site in the WordPress environment too.  We tend to shy away from Drupal because there are less extensions and plug ins available, usually making it more costly to develop.

We have a process to help you custom design your website and we can help you make very simple websites very inexpensively. After all, this is 2016 and websites are not rocket science anymore! Don’t pay for hype and bells and whistles you don’t need! We can provide you with a template that we've developed (mobile and tablet friendly) which you can customize with your own logo and graphics, etc. We still do the coding and make the site, but you get to direct it.  Once the site template and structure is made, you can fill in all the page information yourself.  Joomla comes with a word processor built into the back side of the site. You simply log-in and call up the page and edit it. We have several templates and styles we've created that save us time which saves you money.

Don't want to do your own updates? We can help! Current rates range from $25 -$40/hour depending upon the level of the work. Do you need data entry or website restructuring to include something new?  We can help. We can take your existing website and recreate it in the Joomla environment so your site is mobile compatible and you can do your own information updates. We have local graphic artists who make website designs for folks. This is a process which can run anywhere from $100 to $400. We can help create logos, rack cards, posters, and more.  Give us a call and get a custom and professional site!


bh web hostingWeb Hosting & Maintenance
Today's websites are mostly template and database generated. Servers and search engines are designed to deal with them in fast and efficient manners. The 3 most common Content Management Systems (CMS) are Joomla and WordPress. Our first choice is Joomla. We find it easy for inexperienced users and we feel it is a bit less targeted by hackers than WordPress-based sites.  However, if you know and like WordPress, we can certainly design your site on the WordPress platform. uses Cloud Servers and central caching centers (like Cloud Flare) to make your website as blazingly-fast as possible. We have an uptime of well over 99.9% for oer two decades! We offer Hosting rates of $180/year (additional discounts for non-profits!) which includes email, unlimited website storage, and unlimited traffic. Some restrictions apply so please contact us for more information.



black hills analytics Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a natural part of a website and its creation. We will analyze your site and find out what is currently working for successful competition in your market. You don’t have to recreate the wheel here. You just need to be competitive. Many sites don’t need heavy duty SEO and marketing. A little insight and a little planning is all that’s really needed. We can help you figure out an effective budget if you need to do additional marketing.

What worked yesterday probably doesn't today. What works today might not tomorrow. How can one keep up, let alone pay for it all and still keep your business profitable? A basic analysis of your site is where it all starts.  Finding out what keywords are currently important to your business in the Google and Bing results can make the difference between success and failure.  We can help advise you as to what keywords are working for your type of business and how to structure important keywords into your site. Contact us and we'll help determine where you most likely need help and offer a quote for the services. We've seen websites go from 'not-found' to being on the first page of Google/Bing results.


black hills social mediaSocial Media Management

Facebook and other Social Media is driving a considerable amount of business online. If you've tried to promote your business on Facebook, you've quickly learned that the rules are nothing like typical advertising. We can help! is offering basic Facebook posting to your site to help keep you relevant in today’s market. From setting up effective and targeted Google and Facebook ads to simply managing posts and comments, we have just the right social media plan for your budget. Give us a call for a free consultation!



black hills video serviceVideo Services
We do Video! Videos can be a very engaging and highly-effective addition for business websites. Online video is said to be the strongest growing marketing boost for cold websites. We offer video services for lower end videos or we can help arrange top of the line video services for almost any need. Some mom'n'pop places see a dramatic increase of customers and less questions with a simple 2 - 3 minute video of who they are. We can edit/host your video or we can help arrange professional video services. Don't miss out for fear a video is out of your budget, it might not be! If you'd like to know more about pricing and other details, give us a call right today.




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